Exhibition statement

My recent work follows on from a project I started in 2019.


My intention was to continue an investigation of story and the way it seems to metamorphose through time. My thoughts for this project processed mainly when walking along the Bread Walk in Ludlow near my home.

The work comprises a series of portal type pieces in varous media and begins with Ancestor (6). I mean this piece to work as an invitation of sorts – for the onlooker to encounter him or herself as part of their own past, present and future. With Tease (7) I see a story wishing to unfold but perhaps unable to – or not sure whether it should. Time Travel (8) is about the emergence of a story from various fragments of memory – perceived as truth – but from different points in time… All the World’s a Stage i and ii (1,2) aim to convey a sense of story emerging through memory and myth when encountering the natural world.

All of the work uses, or references photographs taken along the Breadwalk.

Thank you for taking the time to look.

Tamsin Bridge

Along the Bread Walk