Elements of repetition, mirroring and the use of found objects are methods used by Tamsin Bridge as a means for exploring story telling through her work, together with painting, photographs and film. She begins reading around an area of interest and then processing her thoughts and related memories while walking.

Tamsin Bridge grew up on the welsh borders and now lives in Shropshire. As a child she spent a short time living in Nairobi and later, a few years in Manhattan. Solo and mixed exhibitions include MOMA Wales, Silk Top Hat Gallery, Ludlow and Aberystwyth Arts Centre. She graduated MA with distinction in Fine Art from Hereford College of Arts in 2019.

Artist Statement

I am interested in exploring the nature of story: its ability to shape shift in response to time, place and telling. Common themes include fairy tale, forest, and memory. Freud’s concept of the Uncanny informs my work, particularly the way in which memory surfaces in unexpected places and at odd moments together with theories of ‘Deja vu’ and the relationship we have with reflection, inner and outer. I walk to process my thoughts. These walks and related thoughts, feelings and personal memory create further story and I find myself focusing on following and trying to fathom these endless labyrinthine connections. I see my work as part of a never-ending story growing ever more complicated and compelling for me. A welcome conundrum of sorts.

I divide studio time between this ideas led approach and also with creating fantastical paintings that are more illustrative and cerebral in style, with similar influence from fairy tale and the natural world.